With a shared vision and a desire to create lasting legacies of their own, Marcus and Michael founded Davide Development and Construction in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. Adding to the family business and building upon their family's heritage, they strive to combine their expertise and passion to shape the future of the local real estate landscape.


Michael Davide

Michael is a highly accomplished, certified general contractor based in Miami, Florida. With a strong educational background and extensive industry experience, he is a reputable professional in real estate development and construction. Michael holds a degree in Economics from Southern Methodist University and a Masters in Management from The Cox School of Business. With five years of experience specializing in multifamily projects, he excels in project planning, budgeting, scheduling, procurement, and quality control. Known for his attention to detail and ability to manage complex projects, Michael has a strong reputation among clients and industry professionals. As a certified general contractor, he stays updated on building codes and industry best practices. He actively pursues continuing education and professional development to enhance his skills and stay informed about emerging trends and innovations.

Marcus Davide

Marcus is an attorney based in Miami, Florida, specializing in corporate law, securities regulations, and investor relations. Marcus received a BA in economics from Southern Methodist University in Dallas,TX and a JD from St. Thomas University in Miami, FL. Marcus has successfully guided companies through complex transactions, and assisted in taking a company public through a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC). He excels in providing sound legal advice, maintaining strong stakeholder relationships, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Actively involved in legal organizations, Marcus stays updated on industry trends and developments. Outside of work, he enjoys sports and exploring the culinary scene. Overall, Marcus's expertise, dedication, and ability to navigate complex legal matters make him a trusted advisor to his clients.